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ONT airport testing

In preparation for an increase in travelers during this busy holiday travel period, my care labs Ontario International Airport (ONT) inaugurated a drive-through COVID-19 testing site late this month. Our Covid Clinic, a Southern California-based non-profit with testing centers in California, will conduct testing every day. 

The fastest-growing airport in the United States is Ontario International Airport (ONT), claims Global Traveler, a renowned magazine for frequent flyers. ONT is situated in the Inland Empire, in the heart of Southern California, about 35 miles to the east of downtown Los Angeles. Although the pandemic has had a significant impact on many facets of society, we work daily with our airline partners to make efforts to reassure customers that they may fly securely. 

Various antigen and combo testing are available for travelers, some of which have results available in same day or with in 24 hours. The processing of covid tests near to ONT airport, specimens take place on-site, while others are shipped to nearby third-party laboratories, where the findings are typically available in two to four days. The availability of COVID-19 testing, according to Mark Thorpe, CEO of the Ontario International Airport Authority, “adds a new level of service and convenience to the Ontario airport experience.” We think that on-site testing conducted in the convenience of a passenger car will provide our clients, visitors, airport staff, as well as any of our Neighbours who want to be tested, peace of mind. 

If you are obliged to isolate, you are not allowed to leave your house unless you have an emergency or need to get tested for COVID-19. See us How to Self-Isolate Fact Sheet for additional details and abide by the most recent public health recommendations for how long to be isolated. 

With an approximately 50% increase in passenger flow from a year earlier, Ontario’s recovery ranks third nationwide and top among airports in California. By routinely using a highly effective disinfectant to sanitize restrooms, gate areas, and high-touch surfaces, Ontario Airport continues to make significant efforts to keep passengers and visitors safe while they are in the airport and to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. It also makes use of security screening trays that have been treated with potent antimicrobial technology.  

Take the Ontario COVID-19 self-assessment to find out what to do next for you and the members of your household if you have come into contact with or been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. has more information on what to do if you have been exposed to COVID-19. 

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