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All-in-One Smart Combo PCR COVID-19, RSV, and Influenza A/B Test Kit via FedEx® Priority Overnight

My Care Labs is California’s first laboratory to provide no-cost smart combo RT-PCR test kits for COVID-19, RSV, and Influenza A&B to individuals, families, businesses, schools, nursing homes, and other large organizations. Testing is no-cost out of pocket with any health insurance plan, or $250 cash. California residents may receive “Free” COVID-19 At-Home PCR Test Kits now through November 11, 2023. Our at-home test kit screens patients for four diseases with a single swab. Order by 3:00 pm PST and we’ll ship your combo test kit via FedEx priority overnight day. After we receive your sample, you will receive your test results within 24 hours. Valid for all U.S. residents including AK, HI, PR.

Measure your health accurately

COVID-19 + RSV + Influenza A&B PCR At-Home Test Kits

My Care Labs is a CLIA-certified laboratory and a member of the California COVID Task Force. We report results to CalREDIE and CDC. Register as a patient, get your kit, send your sample, and see your results – normally within 24 hours. We also offer in-person testing and mobile testing on-demand in select California regions.

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Covid-19 Rapid Tests in Bulk + Tailored PCR Testing for Nursing Homes

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We have provided custom Covid-19 testing services to, nursing homes, businesses, and other organizations since 2021. Our CLIA-certified diagnostic laboratory services are no cost to patients with any insurance plan and low cost for un- and under-insured patients. We only bill insurance companies – never patients. Patients only receive EOBs, no bills. Patients pay cash only in special circumstances: no insurance/ rush orders.

We Ensure Safe Testing

Same Day Results For Groups,
individuals, Travelers

Same Day Results

Rapid same-day results: My Care Labs, your trusted healthcare partner.

No Cost for Insurance

Our services are offered at no cost for patients with insurance.

No Appointments Needed, Walk-Ins Welcome!

Walk-in tests: Swift results at My Care Labs for your convenience.

Trusted by Millions of People

We adhere to HIPAA standards and guarantee the confidentiality of all information.

Our Partners

My Care Labs offers quick, hassle-free, and accurate COVID-19 RT-PCR testing. With same-day or 24-hour results, we provide testing on-site at our laboratory and pop-ups throughout California. My Care Labs takes your health seriously. We are a CLIA-certified laboratory, part of the California Covid Task Force, partner with CDPH, and report directly to CDC.

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California Covid-19 Testing Task Force

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I haven’t received my test kit yet.

Orders will not be shipped until we receive your completed patient information, including images of both sides of your health insurance card.  Depending on your location, it may take more time to deliver your priority overnight/next-day COVID-19 RT-PCR Test Kit via FedEx. 

2. When can I expect to receive my at-home test kit?

This depends on how far you are from our Northern California laboratory shipping location. Please refer to the FedEx shipping map below for normal shipping times from our Silicon Valley laboratory office: click for large map. Neon pink area indicates priority overnight availability. FedEx transit times map - delivery from My Care Labs

3. How do you make money sending me a completely free home COVID-19 PCR Test Kit with completely free FedEx shipping roundtrip, free analysis, and free notification of results?

Our laboratory is vertically integrated so we don’t need to outsource our diagnostic tests to third parties. As stated above, we also bill your insurance company to cover the costs of providing your COVID-19 (and in the future, other) diagnostic tests. Few material things in life are truly “free.” However, with any valid insurance plan coverage, we can provide you with a “free COVID-19 PCR test” or “no-cost COVID-19 test.”

4. Does your test tell me which type of COVID-19 variant I have?

My Care Labs believes in preventing testing and we are looking at ways to improve public health. Please contact us if there is a specific test you would like us to provide. Subscribe to our newsletter below to be informed of upcoming changes and upgrades to our services.

Our testing only indicates if you have COVID-19 or don’t. If you want to know which specific COVID-19 variant you have, please contact us.

5. Which type of COVID-19 test are you offering?

Although our laboratory and pop-up locations offer both PCR and Rapid Antigen Testing, we ship PCR COVID-19 Test Kits for your personal use. Our PCR test is specifically a reverse transcription qPCR test (RT-qPCR) valid for COVID-19 Travel PCR testing, along with back-to-work, back-to-school, and medical clearance testing.

6. Will you be offering free tests for monkeypox and other diseases in the future?

My Care Labs prioritizes the prevention of disease outbreaks and we are looking at more ways to improve public health. Please contact us if there is a specific test you would like us to provide. Please subscribe to our newsletter below to be informed of upcoming changes and upgrades to our services.

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