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My Care Labs offers $0 out of pocket COVID-19 PCR and Rapid testing in Union City, California w/ any insurance. Our convenient drive-through pop-up provides same-day or 24hour results to all nearby Union City, Newark, Fremont, Hayward residents, visitors, and business employees

Note: This location closes after 5/10/23 until further notice. Visit our expanded Fremont lab which is 10-15min away! 

Thank you City of Union City and UC residents for helping us prioritize community health.

Union City BART Drive-Through Covid Testing Pop-Up

We Ensure Safe Testing

Same Day Results For Groups,
Individuals, Travelers

On Demand

The best companies to work for use My Care Labs to improve employee satisfaction and ensure business continuity.

Team On Location

Public entities trusted by their communities trust My Care Labs to power their public health initiatives.

Medical Assistant

Testing, tracking, and vaccine programs to keep kids and their families safe and healthy for a bright future.

No Cost/Insurance

Giving California Department of Public Health the capabilities to protect the most complex populations.

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We Ensure Safe Testing

About Our
Union City Pop up

Our Covid-19 testing pop-up address: 34800 11th St, Union City, CA 94587 – Union City BART, Parking Lot 2. For more information contact us at +1-800-790-4550, or book your coronavirus test online. Please think about asking about a pre-screening if you need to visit the facility for testing and be sure to wear a mask.  

My Care Labs’ convenient drive-through testing pop-up in Union City helps you with the coronavirus testing right away. You can pre-book your test.

Our Partners

My Care Labs takes your health seriously. We are a CLIA-certified laboratory, part of the California Covid Task Force, partner with CDPH, and report directly to CDC.

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California Covid-19 Testing Task Force

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our services.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help

Q: Where & when can I get a Covid-19 test?

To schedule an appointment, book online at our booking page. You may also call our patient care team at 800-790-4550.  We also offer walk-in and drive-through testing without appointment before our appointment times fill up. 

Q: How much would it cost to me to do a Covid-19 test?

It’s no cost to you with insurance coverage. You won’t pay any portion that your insurance doesn’t cover. If you do not have insurance and for travel testing, the cost is $225. We offer financial hardship applications as well – please ask if needed.

Q. Can you send my results to my doctor / clinic/ hospital / other via fax or email?

Your provider needs to send us a HIPAA-compliant request by email, fax, or call. 

Q: Will I receive an EOB or bill? 

You will receive an Explanation of Benefits statement from your health insurance provider, but no bill. We do not bill patients, we only bill insurance to cover the cost of services we provide you.

Q: How can I share My Care Labs covid/flu test results with my airline, friends, family, school, work, doctor, hospital, another clinic, insurance, etc? 

Our Patientxchange portal allows you to download a PDF or Readipass (travel) QR code of your test results. You can log into your test results’ portal on our website