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Testing Solutions

My Care Labs offers quick, hassle-free, and accurate COVID-19 RT-PCR testing. With same day results or within 24 hours, we have testing on-site at our laboratory and at pop-ups throughout California.

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Infectious Disease Testing

My Care Labs was founded during the Covid-19 Pandemic. We provide fast, simple, accurate infectious disease testing. At present we offer combination Covid-19/RSV/Flu PCR tests with same-day or 24-hour results, dependent on California test site location. Our patient services are no-cost with insurance.

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Toxicology Testing

Toxicology Testing: In light of HR managers’ need to recruit and retain top talent, My Care Labs will soon be offering drug testing for businesses and other organizations by Spring 2023.

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Oncology Testing

Oncology Testing: My Care Labs offers patient services at no-cost with any health insurance plan. Why not expand our testing to include cancer screening? We will screen patients for various cancers starting in Winter 2023.