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California COVID-19 PCR Travel Testing

My Care Labs offers quick, hassle-free, and accurate Travel Testing for COVID-19, RSV, and Influenza A/B. Get ready to relax and explore on your vacation with same-day or 24-hour turaround at our Silicon Valley lab and at public pop-ups throughout California.

Bay Area COVID-19 Travel PCR Testing

If you’re boarding a plane in the San Francisco Bay Area or Silicon Valley, find out the COVID-19 testing requirements for your destination countries and plan accordingly. Many countries (check the map here) and airlines require proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of departure. We provide same-day or 24-hour turnaround for your leisure and business travel peace of mind.

For travelers departing from Riverside County and nearby, My Care Labs has you covered with pop-up and mobile testing on demand. Our testing services are $0 out of pocket with any insurance. Whether you have gotten a “COVID vaccine” or not, COVID testing is still required for many countries. You can check the Covid-19 entry requirements and status of any country here. 

My Care Labs operates free* COVID-19 PCR test sites around the SF Bay Area for travelers flying out of SFO. Make sure to check if your destinations require a negative COVID PCR test with this handy map. Book a test at your nearest My Care Labs location today and enjoy stress-free traveling! *Free with any health insurance plan.

Traveling internationally from the Oakland metro? During the Delta and Omicron COVID waves, it was challenging at times to obtain Travel clearance COVID PCR tests in Oakland. My Care Labs has you covered with our east bay locations and same-day or 24-hour turnaround. Book today for your OAK airport send-off!

San Jose International Airport is your Silicon Valley entry and exit point to countries near and far: Mexico, China, India, Thailand, Japan, Chile, Russia, and Mali. What’s more, each of these countries (as of February 2023) still requires a negative COVID-19 PCR test for entry, per JoinSherpa. Boost your travel experience with same-day or 24-hr negative PCR report & Readipass QR code.  We can even include your Passport Number in your report upon request.

In preparation for an increase in travelers during this busy holiday travel period, my care labs Ontario International Airport (ONT) inaugurated a drive-through COVID-19 testing site late this month. Our Covid Clinic, a Southern California-based.

If your next trip departs from John Wayne Airport in Orange County, and you live in the Riverside metro area, we’ve got you covered. Book your free (with any health insurance) COVID-19 PCR test today before boarding your next flight.

LAX takes COVID-19 seriously and has implemented various safety precautions. The airport posted numerous hand sanitizer stations, face coverings are required within terminals, and toilets and common spaces are cleaned more often with additional disinfectant. My Care Labs has you covered if you’re traveling from LAX and need a QR code Readipass or COVID-19 negative PDF report pre-flight.