Phase 3 Trial Success for EuCorVac-19


Buffalo-based (POP BIO) reports Phase 3 interim results of EuCorVac-19 trial. Developed with Korean partner EuBiologics (KOSDAQ: 206650)


EuCorVac-19 is a Protein-based vaccine with antigen on immunogenic nanoparticles, using POP BIO's SNAP technology.

Phase 3 trial (NCT05572879) in the Philippines: EuCorVac-19 surpasses WHO-authorized adenoviral vector vaccine in antibody immunogenicity

EuCorVac-19 exhibits over twofold increase in neutralizing antibody formation compared to control vaccine, preventing COVID-19 infection.

Future development of COVID-19 booster, new strain, and combination vaccines will be easier, streamlining progress

"Completion of Phase III trial is a significant milestone for our technologies, validating our efforts to combat the global crisis," said POP BIO co-founder.

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