Indiana reports 31 COVID deaths, 1,309 new cases

The Indiana Department of Health has recently unveiled the latest  COVID-19 statistics and information on the state's official coronavirus dashboard, ensuring transparency and up-to-date reporting.

The data collected until Tuesday is reflected in Indiana's COVID-19 dashboard update, showing an increase of 31 fatalities, bringing the death toll from 25,274 on June 6 to 25,305.

On Tuesday, the state recorded a 7-day average of 7 hospital admissions and 99 ER visits. Around 3,864,504 Hoosiers, roughly 55.5% of the population, completed their primary vaccination.

State recorded 7-day avg. of 7 hospital admissions and 99 ER visits on Tuesday. 3,864,504 Hoosiers completed primary vaccination, about 55.5% of the population.

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