COVID Safety

COVID Safety: Stay Protected

Basics: Wash hands 20s, wear mask in crowds & distance 6ft from others for COVID safety

Be alert: fever, cough, breathlessness, loss of taste/smell, fatigue, muscle aches are common signs. If symptomatic, test and self-isolate. #StaySafe

Most Vulnerable: Seniors, health conditions = higher risk. Assist with errands, essentials, be cautious. #COVIDCare

Vaccination: Key to ending pandemic. Safe, effective. Consult healthcare for guidance. Encourage all eligible to get vaccinated. #COVIDVax


Mental Wellness: Connect virtually, practice mindfulness, exercise, maintain routine for well-being. #StayMentallyStrong

Follow guidelines to conquer COVID-19 challenges. Stay informed, safe. Together, we make a difference. #StayStrong