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DOT physicals are a type of medical examination required by the Department of Transportation for commercial drivers. These physicals evaluate the driver’s physical and mental health to ensure they are able to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle. The physical includes tests for vision, hearing, blood pressure, and other health conditions. Passing a DOT physical is necessary for obtaining or renewing a commercial driver’s license.

Stay on the Road with DOT Physicals

As a commercial driver, your livelihood depends on maintaining your commercial driver’s license. DOT physicals are a crucial step in that process, ensuring that you are physically and mentally fit to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle.

Urine Drug Testing: Ensuring Safe and Drug-Free Roads

The urine drug test is an essential component of DOT physicals, helping to ensure that commercial drivers are operating their vehicles safely and without impairment. This test screens for a range of controlled substances and is a crucial tool in maintaining a drug-free workplace.

Comprehensive DOT Physicals for Safe Driving

Vision Test

Clear Sight for Safe Driving: Ensure Your Visual Acuity Meets DOT Standards

Hearing Test

Listen Up for Road Safety: Detect Any Hearing Loss or Impairment

Neurological Exam

Brain Health for Road Safety: Detect Any Cognitive Impairment or Neurological Issues

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