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Traveling Soon and Need a Negative COVID Test Result to Enter Another Country?

Traveling Soon and Need a Negative COVID Test Result to Enter Another Country?

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At My Care Labs we love to travel. We understand that air travel has been frustrating over the past few years due to COVID-related delays and policies. We imagine that many of you can’t wait to go back out into the world traveling again, if you haven’t already. If you’re seeking a COVID test for international travel, we offer covid travel testing near you with multiple locations. Are you starting to plan your 2023 adventures and want to quickly see which countries are restricting travel or requiring a negative covid pcr test pre departure?

The US State Department travel advisories page links to every country’s travel and immigration portal, but the page itself is a wall of links and it takes forever to open each country page link, then open each country’s international travel page of requirements. Is there an easier way to instantly check which countries have COVID test entry requirements and what they are, for either “vaccination status”?

Luckily for you, JoinSherpa, a travel and hospitality collaborative, continually updates their live map of countries by COVID testing and vaccination status. See the example below or click here:

There’s even a handy toggle switch so you can see what the options are like you’re “COVID-19 unvaccinated.” Whether you’ve already booked your flight or are about to, My Care Labs provides peace of mind to travelers just like you. We have multiple testing locations in the San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley and Riverside County. Drop by our Fremont lab, open seven days a week, or visit one of our pop-up testing locations here or in SoCal. View all our COVID Travel testing locations here. Our locations are

Wishing you safe travels, memorable adventures, and great health!

My Care Labs Team

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