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Federal Covid Test Funding Ends Tomorrow, 9/2/22

Most efficient COVID-19 testing programs by My care labs

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As of September 2nd, 2022, the federal government has ceased funding for free COVID-19 test kits. This marks a significant shift in the ongoing effort to curb the spread of the virus. Schools and districts that previously relied on this funding for their COVID-19 testing programs will now need to find alternative solutions. My Care labs offers the most efficient COVID-19 testing programs.

For those schools and districts that are currently without a fully operational Covid-19 testing program or need a second opinion on their existing program, My Care Labs offers a solution that covers all the bases. Our PCR Covid-19 testing is provided at no cost to students, teachers, and staff, regardless of their insurance status. Additionally, we offer a dedicated, real-time portal with 24-hour test results for school administrative staff, students, teachers, and staff. 

We understand that every school and district has unique testing needs, and we are available for free 15-20 minute consultations to explore these needs and present different testing and reporting options. We offer Covid-19 rapid testing on-site, along with Flu or Monkeypox testing options. 

At My Care Labs, we provide schools and districts with the most comprehensive and most efficient COVID-19 testing programs possible. With our help, schools can keep their students, teachers, and staff safe, and ensure that education continues uninterrupted. 

Some school or district are in need of a Covid-19 testing solution. We encourage them to schedule a free consultation with My Care Labs today. Our team is ready to help you find the right testing solution for your needs. 

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