Our Operations will be closed for the holidays on 25th December 2023 and 1st January 2024 •

Our Operations will be closed for the holidays on 25th December 2023 and 1st January 2024 •

Our Operations will be closed for the holidays on 25th December 2023 and 1st January 2024 •

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Back to School with the XBB.1.5 new variant of Omicron and the ongoing Covid-19, RSV, and Flu Tridemic 


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As the new year begins, we all hope for better health and education outcomes for our next generation of students. However, the rise of the “tridemic” cases of Covid-19, RSV, and Influenza has caused concern for students, parents, and educators. Some California counties are re-considering mask mandates and mandatory health testing to help mitigate the spread of these diseases. The latest or new variant of omicron to receive major press, XBB.1.5 or “Kraken,” is a subvariant of Omicron and spreads faster, according to news outlets. 

The ongoing pandemic has taught us that testing and screening can help flatten the curve of cases, ICU admissions, and deaths. With students returning to in-person learning, it’s essential to ensure that we have the right strategies and partners in place to keep our schools safe. One such partner is My Care Labs, a leading provider of customized testing for students and staff. 

New Smart Combo Testing for Schools 

As of December 2022, My Care Labs provides an all-in-one smart combo test for Covid-19, RSV, and Influenza A/B. With four test results from one swab, this testing process is fast, accurate, and easy to administer. My Care Labs’ CLIA-certified PCR testing is cost-free for patients, staff, and vendors with any form of health insurance. Moreover, for students who require financial assistance, My Care Labs offers programs that support school quality of life by providing low rates for uninsured and underinsured individuals. 

Now Open 7 Days a Week 

My Care Labs is now operating seven days a week in the SF Bay Area/Silicon Valley region. With test sites co-located near the Tesla Factory, Facebook Fremont campus, Union City BART, and Decoto/Newpark shopping malls, we can serve the greater Tri-City region with ease. My Care Labs provides self-testing and staffed on-site mobile testing for schools, businesses, care homes, and other large organizations around California. Currently, we service Riverside County with both mobile and on-site test collections and plan to expand during 2023. 

At-home Test Kits 

My Care Labs offers our new smart combo test as an at-home/at-school PCR test kit with 24-48 hour results from the time we receive samples. To place your order, visit mycarelabs.com/at-home-test-kit. 

Bulk Rapid Test Kits & PPE 

For schools and districts requiring faster on-site testing, My Care Labs supplies Boson rapid test kits in bulk. We supply schools of all sizes with millions of test kits in stock. Moreover, we stock PPE and can be your one-stop shop for all Covid/RSV/Flu screening and reduction needs. Contact us today for your education discount. 


The XBB.1.5 variant of Omicron and the ongoing Covid-19, RSV, and Flu Tridemic are concerns for students going back to school. To keep our students, staff, and communities safe, we need to adopt the right strategies and partners. With its customized testing solutions and PPE supplies, My Care Labs is a trusted partner for schools, businesses, and other organizations. Its all-in-one smart combo test can quickly and accurately detect Covid-19, RSV, and Influenza A/B, and the company also offers self-testing and staffed on-site mobile testing. My Care Labs is dedicated to helping students in need of financial assistance, and it provides low rates for uninsured and underinsured individuals. Contact My Care Labs today to ensure a safe and healthy return to school. 

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